Holistic nutrition practices are the transformative experience you've been waiting for.

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What To Expect in "Light My Fire!"

Day 1 email education: "Start Me Up"
What is holistic nutrition and what to eat for weight loss. Answering the question “Should I go on a diet?” and how to disengage from the constant temptation to keep trying new fad quick fixes. Education on the BEST foods for your weight loss goals.

Day 2 email education: “Whiskey in the Jar”
Fermentation foundations education + which fermented foods aid weight loss and why? Plus, how to make the easiest fermented foods and what brand/where to buy the best quality ones. All you need to know about the gut/weight connection distilled down into easy-to-understand bites.

Day 3 email education: "Gimme 3 Steps"
3 weight loss keys: liver, exercise, blood sugars. Education on loving your liver for a weight loss-jump start & incorporating these foods easily. Healthy snacking and components of a healthy diet. No awkward finger-wagging lectures here, just a gentle reminder about the importance of exercise. Where can we re-route to get to progress? Where have you been holding back or lacking motivation? You already know it's part of weight loss, so let's make it enjoyable and do-able. Learn the biggest reason people gain weight and how to get off the blood sugar roller coaster so you can balance your sugars easily, supporting weight loss (and more stable moods, to boot!)

Day 4 email education: "The Sound of Silence"
Powerful mindful eating tools for weight loss, curbing stress eating + accelerated digestion. This is our "Across the Universe" day with flower-crown adorned magic AND science-based visualization tools to help you reach your goals faster. It's dressed up cute, but at the core it's science. Dig? Participate in the Sound of Silence while deepening your digestive powers, calming the nervous system and aiding weight loss. 

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